Paddington Bear Gets His Own Range of 50p Coins Thanks to the Royal Mint

By Shabana Arif on at

The 50p coin has served as the canvas for a number of children's classics to be emblazoned across as part of the Royal Mint's commemorative coin rollouts, and everyone's favourite bear is up next.

The Paddington Bear collection sees the marmalade sandwich-loving fiend strike a pose outside of London's most iconic tourist spots, including the Tower of London, and St Paul's Cathedral.

The coins are due to be circulated over the course of the next few weeks, but collectors can get their paws on them early, with a choice of Brilliant Uncirculated coins and Silver Proof coins. Both runs of the Gold Proof coins, going for £850 a pop, have been sold out. In case you were prepared to happily blow almost a grand on a 50p coin. As you do.

If you don't want to push the boat out too much, you can nab a single Brilliant Uncirculated coin of Paddington at the Tower for a tenner, or pick up a set of two - one at the Tower and one at St. Paul's for £10 a pop, although it looks like the shipping date for the coins will be staggered in line with their release.

The Silver Proof are certainly the cutest, with a splash of colour added to jazz things up a bit. It's £65 for Paddington at the Tower, or you can sign up to get both the Tower and St. Paul's for £65 each, again, with staggered shipping.

The Royal Mint has immortalised a number of other fictional characters on 50p pieces, including Peter Rabbit, Peter Pan, and Sherlock Holmes.

So if you've already blown a load of cash on gold, silver, and whatever-other-materials-you-can-fashion-a-coin-from proof 50ps, you should definitely pick up Paddington.