Please Lend Me £165,000 So I Can Build the Ultimate Custom Van

By Brent Rose on at

Hi, my name is Brent (“Hi, Brent”), and I live in a van. I've been zig-zagging America in said van and documenting much of the stuff that happens. In the beginning, I was going to try to do it for a year. It has now been more than four years. Oops?

It all started when I bought a used 2006 Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser G24. I chose that one because it was configured the way I wanted, with separate work and sleep areas and a massive boot. It’s worked out pretty well, or I wouldn’t still be doing it. But I always wondered what I could have done if I’d had the time and the funds to start from scratch.

So I travelled to Portland, in the US state of Oregon, to visit the Outside Van factory. Their custom builds are unreal, and they seem to be able to accommodate just about any request. Special ski-boot driers? Sure. Built-in blenders? Obviously. How about a Faraday cage on wheels because one customer says they’re extra sensitive to electromagnetic waves? Yep, they’ve done that, too.

Unfortunately, these things start around $200,000 (£164,900), which is just a hair (okay, all of the hairs) out of my budget. Please send lots and lots of money so I can upgrade my home and office.