Police Force Removes Ban on Displaying Tattoos

By Gary Cutlack on at

West Yorkshire Police has lost a long battle to allow its staff to display their inked-on arm sleeve tattoos while on the job, with the federation that represents staff winning the right for officers to display their anchors, hearts, sexy ladies, Chinese lettering for curry sauce or whatever else they may have up their arms while working.

The previous policy was fairly vague and said that only small and non-prominent tattoos were allowed to be visible while working their beats and shuffling their papers; but now anything goes, as long as it's not offensive. Generic Asian lettering the wearer doesn't understand is fine to be proudly displayed now, which is handy, as the federation says around 55 per cent of West Yorks police staff have a body drawing of some sort on them.

Guy King from the West Yorkshire Police Federation said: "It has taken some considerable time and effort but the force has agreed to change the policy on tattoos. They have listened to the case and, from today, West Yorkshire police officers can now openly show their tattoos." [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash