Poundland Trials 50p-Land, 75p-Land, £1.50-Land and £3-Land Options

By Gary Cutlack on at

Life's about to get harder for your average Poundland till operative, as the chain is testing a wider range of permanent prices that could see things sold at other prices than £1.

The new prices are being introduced with specific products in mind, like the cupboard shelf classic three-tins-of-tuna that'll be £3, or a massive bottle of Aussie Shampoo for £3 too. This already happens, of course, with posh Poundlands selling more desirable items at £2 and £5 price points; but the retailer is thinking about opening the floodgates to lower-priced stuff like tinned fish that could be whacked out at 50p a tin and bafflingly still make a profit for everybody involved in its production, with 75p brand name toothpastes coming in to some of the trial locations too.

Poundland MD Barry Williams said: "While three quarters of the products we offer will still be £1, it's important we look to broaden our ranges elsewhere, whether above or below £1. These extended price points mean we can meet an even greater range of customers' needs, while offering the same outstanding Poundland value." [Talking Retail]