Railcard for the Impossibly Young Launches Next Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you are 16 or 17 and therefore still full of dreams and ambitions and suchlike and able to face the world, there's an exciting initiation to the adult world arriving next week that'll give you something to put in your tiny, brand new and empty little wallet; the 16-17 railcard for discounted train travel to all your interning work placements.

The Department for Transport is releasing the 16-17 Saver card on August 20, with the £30 card giving the youngsters travelling from destinations in England and Wales a staggering 50 per cent discount on their tickets; including even the purchase of season tickets for those already on the grim daily commute drag at that early age. The first journeys covered start on September 2, although the tickets won't cover journeys on ScotRail trains, as Scotland has its own youth discount scheme. You can arrive in Scotland, though, just not travel onwards.

It doesn't cover first class travel, either. You wouldn't want them stinking up the posh seats with their leaking audio, energy drinks and strange lunches. [16-17 Saver card]