Richard Hammond's Solo Amazon Adventure is a Shipwreck

By Gary Cutlack on at

Richard Hammond is stranded on a desert island and attempting to use his wits to survive. Sadly this fantasy is not going to end with his bleached bones being discovered by natives in 30 years' time and whittled down into flutes and body jewellery, as it is the premise for his next standalone Jeremy-free TV project for Amazon.

Amazon's Prime Video team describe Hammond's pitch as being a "shipwreck pop-science show" where we'll presumably learn about water purification through the vest your mum still makes you wear, what you can or can't eat raw, how to write HELP out of driftwood and more, almost certainly with a serious bit where they look sad at some plastic bottles that have washed up. Then it's back to trying to fire up the generator and refine coconut oil into something you can burn.

Hammond has a helper, with former Mythbuster Tory Belleci providing the science to Richard's mugging, with the pair notionally teaching us about engineering for comic effect too, as they build vehicles from salvaged parts taken out of an imagined shipwreck, and we gradually see the roots of Richard's hair and beard start to emerge in their natural colour. [Gizmodo Australia]