Rob Liefeld Shares Some Cut Concept Art From the Deadpool Movie

By Julie Muncy on at

The Deadpool movies have a lot of affection for Rob Liefeld’s X-Men-adjacent work, including not just Deadpool but a variety of other characters familiar to Liefeld’s readers, and even an ersatz X-Force team in Deadpool 2.

One character that was slated to appear but didn’t, however, is X-Force’s Kane, a former ally of Cable’s and a cyborg who had a history with the Weapon X program. According to a recent post by Rob Liefeld, Kane could have appeared in the first movie, but due to budgetary reasons he didn’t make the cut. But concept art does exist, and Liefeld has shared some of it.

The art, created by Blur Studios, shows a couple designs for Kane, both of which heavily influence his cyborg nature, with a robotic body that looks like a suit of armor made of serrated knives.

With Disney now owning Fox, the future of the Deadpool movies, and their playful takes on X-Men lore, are a little uncertain, which means that if Kane is ever seen on screen, it may not be this version. Which is unfortunate, honestly: dude looks pretty cool, in a scary sorta way.