Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Prices Leak Ahead of Unpacked Because of Course They Did

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung's Unpacked event is only two days away, so what better time to find out the Galaxy Note 10 price, all but filling out the few blanks that are left in the run-up to the official reveal.

According to Twitter leaker Ishan Agarwal, the Note 10 will be priced at €949 for the 250GB model, while the 256GB Note 10+ will set you back €1099, which will be hiked up to €1199 for 512GB.

The prices in other regions are unlikely to be a straight a straight conversion, but that translates to £872 for the 256GB Note 10, £1010 for the 256GB Note 10+, and £1102 for the 512GB variant.

The Note 9's launch price started at £899 for the base model, so this seems comparable and not too out there when it comes to Note 10 prices.

So far, we've heard about everything but the price for Samsung's Note 10 range, including the rumour that the headphone jack has been ditched, as well as the range of colours available at launch.

We'll get all of the confirmed details at Unpacked on August 7, so sit tight for just a couple of days. [TechRadar]