Samsung is Pretending it Never Made Fun of Apple in a Bunch of Its Adverts by Taking Them Down on YouTube

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 10 range this week and lo and behold there was no headphone jack, which is rich considering Samsung took the piss out of Apple for doing the same thing.

What makes this situation more ludicrous is that Samsung made a series of "ingenius" ads ridiculing Apple for scrapping the feature from is devices, as well as criticising a number of other features (or lack thereof) that Samsung has now rolled out (or scrapped) itself. They were funny because getting rid of things people actually like is some dumb shit and now its just as guilty of that as Apple.

Samsung has explained the absence of the headphone jack in its latest smartphone and the reasons are nonsense. Perhaps sensing that this is the case (it most definitely is), the company is attempting to brush those wonderful ads under the carpet. For shame.

The ads are even more funny to watch with the Note 10 release, as disappointed customers continue to question why 'the 10' is so shit. However, they've all gone mysteriously missing from Samsung's UK, US, and main channel which was an idiotic move, because of course people would take note - pun 100 per cent intended.

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