Save £120 on Lego Star Wars Cloud City and £108 off the Taj Mahal With John Lewis's Deals

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego can get quite expensive, and these days there are plenty of them that wind up close to the £300 mark – and sometimes beyond. Thankfully John Lewis has just discounted a bunch of sets, and some of those ultra-expensive sets have had quite a lot of money knocked off. That includes £120 off the Star Wars Cloud City set, and £109 off the Taj Mahal.

Normally the Taj Mahal would set you back a whole £300, but with the discount you can get it for £192 - a whole £108 off the normal RRP. Pretty impressive for the set that's still the third largest Lego set in terms of piece count, even if our review found the build a bit repetitive. Similarly the £300 Cloud City, which I noted was rather overpriced, is now £180 - saving you £120 in the process.

Other sets on sale include:

  • £36.69 off the Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX - now £73.31
  • £12 off LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Fairytale Book - now £48
  • £30 off LEGO Star Wars Slave l – 20th Anniversary Edition - now £80
  • £56 off Ninjago Dragon Pit - now £64
  • £60 off Lego City Cargo Train - now £120
  • £22 off Lego Creator London Bus - now £88
  • £54 off Lego Boost Creative Toolbox - now £96
  • £17 off Lego Creator Winter Village Fire Station - now £68. This set is retired now, so this may be your last chance to get one.
  • £32 off Lego Creator Vestas Wind Turbine - now £128
  • £33.33 off App-controlled Batmobile - now £56.66
  • £24.40 off Lego City Mountain Police Headquarters - now £45.59
  • £28 off Technic Extreme Adventure - now £112. This is also another retired product, so don't miss out.

The discounts are all included in the price on site, and obviously they're only available while stocks last. So don't moan at us if they're gone, because we missed a couple already and will moan right back.