ScotRail Throws its Own Hire Bikes in Metaphorical Canal

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Bike & Go cycle hire scheme that saw a few knackered old red clunkers dumped outside Scottish rail stations is to close, with rail bosses saying hire numbers are down and the concept simply isn't paying for itself.

Some blame must be laid at the ScotRail system's charging structure, which is incredibly outdated by today's standards. Potential riders have to first register and pay a £10 membership fee – and get a membership card in the post – and then it's £3.80 to borrow a bike for a day. That's way too much of a long-term commitment and dull genital ache for 2019's by-the-minute, cost-conscious consumers. The machines also have to be taken back to a station at the end of a hire as well, rather than being propped up in a doorway or leant on a tree. What madness.

The 103 bikes will be removed from stations at the end of September. ScotRail's operator Abellio says it is instead going to work with "commercial cycle hire schemes" to place their more popular bikes, scooters, electric walking boots or whatever other empowering personal transportation solutions 2020 may bring at stations in future. [BBC]