Severn Bridge Declared the Worst Motorway Service Station

By Gary Cutlack on at

A refurbished relic from the 1960s has been declared the worst motorway service station in England, so if you're in need of a wee or a £4.45 pot of tea while passing between Wales and England, continue driving to Cardiff or Reading and do not stop at the Severn Bridge facility on the M48.

This exciting bit of regional news comes from the 2019 Motorway Services User Survey, with the data putting Severn Bridge and its "grim" toilets at 111th out of the 111 roadside rest spots it asked travellers about. Only 72 per cent of stoppers said Severn Bridge offered a satisfactory experience, despite current operator Moto opening a new-ish building, installing an Ecotricity EV charger and convincing the Burger King franchise to continue operating there.

Surprising to no one who's ever erroneously left home with insufficient provisions and/or fuel for a three-hour drive, just 59 per cent of visitors said their purchases across the national motorway service network offered value for money. The nicest place to stop off for a Twix, a poo and a game of Sega Rally 2 is Norton Canes on the jazzy M6 toll road, where stoppers may visit a Spar, eat at a McDonald's, drink from a Costa, and shoplift a ludicrously priced 2017 edition bookazine for the kids from a WHSmith. [Transport Focus via Guardian]