Sonos' Secret Is out of the Bag, as the Launch of Its First Portable Speaker Leaks

By Shabana Arif on at

An FCC filing has been spotted for a Sonos Bluetooth speaker with a source apparently familiar with the device confirming that it's portable.

The new speaker will support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the latter being a first for the company. You'll be able to switch between the two modes using a dedicated button on the back. You can use the app to control the speaker in Wi-Fi mode, but not when it's switched to Bluetooth, as you'd expect. There's also Alexa and Google Assistant support - also unavailable in Bluetooth mode.

The speaker can be charged using a base station as well as via a USB-C, meaning you can juice it up using a charging pack while you're out and about. It even has a little handle integrated into the design to make it easier to move around, rather than having to cradle it in your arms like its a big, smooth, shiny baby.

The niftiest feature by far is Auto Trueplay, that automatically tunes the speaker's output based on where it is, using the built-in microphones.

Take all of this with a big scoop of salt, as always, given that we can't verify the source ourselves, but if all of this holds true, the new speaker sounds pretty sweet. [The Verge]

Feature image credit: Zatz Not Funny