Stranger Things Lego Set Gets Repurposed for a Photo Shoot and the Final Results Are Awesome

By Shabana Arif on at

Hungarian photographer and Lego fan, Lampert Benedek, has shared his latest series which uses the Lego Stranger Things 'The Upside Down' set to recreate scenes from the show, and it's fantastic.

Even if Stranger Things isn't your cup of tea, you have to admit that toy photography is so much fun because you need to get pretty creative to pull it off. Lampert was helped out significantly with the Lego Stranger Things-themed set 'The Upside Down' but his own practical effects took the pictures to a whole new level, most of which you can peruse on his Facebook page.

He even put together a video to show us all how he went about creating the snaps, that include iconic scenes from the show like Joyce and her Christman lights. It's only a few minutes long, so if you have time, it's worth a watch.

Some touches were added in post, but for the most part, it was all down to a bit of elbow grease.

We reviewed 'The Upside Down' set ourselves, with a couple of criticisms being that there's not a great deal of space to actually play within it, and that it was "remarkably tedious to build" what with having to construct two identical buildings, but for £180 you can get yourself the backdrop to an entire photoshoot's worth of Stranger Things recreations, so get to it. [DIY Photography]

Featured image: Lampert Benedek