Tesco Adds Vegan Battered Brussel Sprouts to Its Chrismas Party Food Lineup This Year

By Shabana Arif on at

Summer is drawing to a close, which means it's practically Halloween, and therefore, basically Christmas, and Tesco is prepping you for your festive feast with its Christmas menu.

The brussels sprouts are one of a handful of new items we'll see the supermarket roll out this December, and are wrapped i a vegan-friendly batter. They come with a cranberry dip which we're assuming is also vegan-appropriate, because otherwise, what the fuck, Tesco?

Other nibbles include including mozzarella and pesto arancini balls, barbacoa beef tacos, prawn roses, and three varieties of pigs in blankets.

If battered beansprouts don't excite you, you're probably right because nothing's as good as having someone who can actually cook prepare them for you - and they can be delicious. Chucking them in batter and dunking them in cranberry dip isn't going to cut it.

But if you have fussy eaters who aren't huge connoisseurs when it comes to veggies, it's unlikely they'll taste them at all by the time they've drowned them in sauce.

The range is rolling on December 9, so you can start planning your party menu well in advance. [Metro]

Feature image credit: Metro