The Cluedo Mansion is Getting a Makeover as Hasbro Partners up With Houzz for a Revamp

By Shabana Arif on at

After 70 years, the owners of the Cluedo mansion have called in the contractors to spruce up the place with a bit of home renovation, and you're invited to participate, but without doing any actual work.

Hasbro has wrangled in real life home renovation and design company Houzz - despite the fact that the Cluedo mansion is essentially just a floor plan - to offer up a range of room designs that the public can vote on, with the winning option inspiring a redesigned room in the game. How different a floor plan can really look before and after an interior redesign I'll leave up to your imagination.

"Vote to give the hall a fresh new look or to replace the hall with an entirely new room," reads the text on the voting page, that definitely has it in for the hall. Four photos of rooms completely unrelated to Cluedo are presented there for you to vote on, including the hall, drawing room, bathroom, and guest bedroom.

Image credit: Houzz, Design: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs, Photography: Drew Kelly

After casting my vote for the bathroom, it seems like the hall is indeed destined for the chop, or a makeover at the very least. The winning room will be revealed on October 21, with the revamped mansion getting released in a new version of the game that will launch in December.

The game has seen some interesting changes over the years. I didn't know poor old Mrs. White got the boot in 2016, for example, and was replaced by Dr. Orchid. Or that the set of weapons we're familiar with - candlestick, dagger, pistol, lead pipe, wrench and the rope - which we can all accept as suitable dinner party murder weapons, originally included an axe, syringe, poison, and a bomb of all things, in the first edition.

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