The First Trailer for Netflix’s The I-Land Is a Mysterious Battle Royale Gone Wrong

By Germain Lussier on at

A group of strangers wakes up on a deserted island. Soon, they realise they’re in the middle of some kind of grand experiment. Or game. Or something. We don’t know for sure but damn if it’s not intriguing.

That blend of Lost and The Hunger Games (or The Cabin in the Woods or The Running Man or The Matrix) is called The I-Land (get it?) and it’s coming to Netflix September 12. You saw a brief, Fyre Festival inspired teaser earlier this month but now we’ve got a real look with the official trailer.

The faces you may recognise are Kate Bosworth (of Superman Returns) and Alex Pettyfer (of I Am Number Four), but the one you might not is Natalie Martinez who, from the looks of this trailer, seems to be the Jack/Katniss of this show. She was previously on Under the Dome, CSI: NY, The Crossing, a few other shows, and this feels like the kind of role that could really shoot her into stardom. As long as the team behind the show don’t kill her in the first episode.

Again, The I-Land hits Netflix on September 12.