The Google Pixel 4 May Have Suffered Another Leak as Reported Photos of the Handset Surface

By Shabana Arif on at

Despite its best efforts to keep it under wraps, photos of the Google Pixel 4 have reportedly been spotted on messaging app Telegram.

The images are in line with everything we know so far about the handset , and were picked up by XDA Developers.

"The images were posted to a (very) small channel and were also posted on a private group," explained XDA Developers editor in chief Mishaal Rahman on Twitter. "The person who posted it on the private group denies any knowledge of the source, while the owner of the small channel has yet to get back to me."

Features spotted include the square camera array and a rather hefty bezel. Google released official images of the upcoming phone itself once renders started doing the rounds, and it looks similar to the pictured smartphone.

The traditional two-tone colourway – absent from the official pics – are also not present on these supposed Pixel 4 photos, but with no official source confirmed, it's best to take them with a pinch of salt.