The Lego Store's Next Free Gift is a Little Hidden Side Set

By Tom Pritchard on at

Dedicated Lego fans will know that every so often the company will announce it's giving away an exclusive set if you meet certain criteria.Usually that means you have to spend money in the Lego store, and sometimes its on a specific set or theme. Well another one of those gifts is on the way, and it's a little set from the new Hidden Side range, which means it's going to be compatible with all the mini games in the Hidden Side app.

40336 Newbury Juice Bar is set to launch sometime next month, according to The Brick Fan, which says we'll find out for sure once September's in-store calendar arrives next week. Apparently the US requirement is you spend $50 before you're entitled to the gift, which means we'll probably have to spend £40 to £50 over here in the UK. What isn't clear is whether it's a blanket $50 spend, or if you have to spend that much on Hidden Side products. The latter seems likely, to help drive sales, but we won't know for sure until that calendar arrives.

The set itself obviously isn't very big, because the free gift sets rarely are, and it features a haunted juice bar that folds to switch between its possessed and regular configurations. Much like the other Hidden Side sets you can go out and buy right now. Naturally the box art confirms that it will be compatible with the app, and given its small size this shouldn't be a particularly demanding set to play through.

Of course if you want it, but don't want to spend money on Hidden Sides sets (maybe you already have them all), you'll probably be able to find plenty on eBay for a variety of reasonable and not-so reasonable prices shortly after it's released. Of course if you haven't bought any, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. If you're unsure about the whole thing you can check out our thoughts on the Hidden Side range right here. [The Brick Fan]