The OnePlus TV Launch Is Creeping Closer and the Screen Size Options May Have Just Been Revealed

By Shabana Arif on at

The OnePlus TV's launch is getting closer and this week we've got an inkling as to the sizes that could be available at launch.

The telly is set to be making its debut soon with a 2020 launch in India possibly on the cards, and the last we heard about it was that it will be shipping with a companion Bluetooth remote.

CEO and founder Pete Lau has previously said that connectivity will be a big feature of the TV - and it's just been Bluetooth certified, so he wasn't lying. While that's not a surprise at this stage, the listing has also dropped a few other breadcrumbs, like the screen size.

Judging by the model numbers, it seems like we can expect the standard range of sizes, including 43", 55", 65" and 75". The model numbers also incorporate what appear to be region-codes that suggest the launch territories for the TV could be China (CN), the USA (US), and India (IN) although that last nugget isn't too much of a surprise given what we know already.

The last little titbit is that it's going to be an Android TV, but whether that'll just be the OS or whether it will support additional functionality is unknown. We'll just have to sit here with our thumb up our butts until the next leak to find out. [Pocket-Lint]