The Putrid Air From the London Underground Will Soon Be Heating up Your Homes

By Shabana Arif on at

Heat from the London Underground is going to be used to heat up homes and businesses because all of that rank, hot air is too good to waste.

The project is already underway, using waste heat from the Islington network to keep over 800 homes toasty and warm by funnelling it into the Bunhill Energy Centre where it's essentially converted into electricity and redistributed. An additional 450 homes will be added to the tally this month, with the second phase of the project expanding the capacity to supply another 1,000 homes in total.

"Almost half the energy used in the UK is for heat, and a third of UK emissions are from heating," said Tim Rotheray, director of the Association for Decentralised Energy. "With the government declaring that we must be carbon-neutral within 30 years we need to find a way to take the carbon out of our heating system.

"The opportunity that has become clear to the decentralised energy community is the idea of capturing waste heat and putting it to use locally."

The Greater London Authority's (GLA) Secondary Heat Study states that "about 38% of London’s heat demand could be met by [waste heat] when distributed via heat networks."

So we can look forward to recycling fetid tube air and turning it into something that's actually useful. [The Guardian]

Featured image: Unsplash