The UK is Urged to Make Up its Bloody Mind About Huawei Before the End of the Year

By Shabana Arif on at

Another day, another ridiculous Huawei development - or non-development. The UK is ploughing ahead with 5G and needs to make a decision on Huawei's involvement by the end of the year.

Despite the situation between the US and Huawei, the UK has been firmly planted on the fence, waiting to make a decision until the fallout of America's trade regulations have played out. But as we ramp up towards a full 5G rollout, digital secretary Nicky Morgan is urging that the UK shits or gets off the pot.

"I would hope that we could do something by the autumn, but we want to make the right decision and we've got to make sure that this is going to be a decision for the long term, making sure we keep all our networks secure," she said in a BBC Radio 4 interview.

"Huawei are not involved in the provision of government networks at the moment and that's absolutely going to stay the same way, but we will look at all circumstances."

Huawei has chimed in on its role in the helping the UK build its 3G and 4G infrastructure in the past, adding that, "Huawei can help British operators develop 5G networks that are more secure, more affordable and completed more quickly - helping to keep bills down for consumers and connect rural areas."

On the topic of rural area, Morgan has also suggested that current regulations pertaining to how tall 5G masts can stand, as well as Council approval necessary for building them be relaxed in favour of "bolder" plans that will see the 5G infrastructure and subsequent network have a faster rollout, offering more coverage overall.