Three's 5G Home Broadband Launches Today, But Only in London

By Tom Pritchard on at

What's to be gained from 5G? Faster speeds, lower latency, and a bunch of other stuff that isn't really that important if it's just in your phone. One of the biggies is that we've been promised 5G will help replace fixed line broadband, assuming you live in the right place, and today is the day Three launches that service for people in London. Or parts of London anyway, because London is a very big place.

Being a mobile hub means Three's 5G broadband will naturally have the advantage of not needing an installation, since all you need to do is plug in the hub and do your thing. Likewise if you move away you can take it with you, assuming your new house is in a 5G area.

But that's hardly unique, and Three being Three means its offering unlimited data on a single 12 month contract for £35 a month.Three has also promised there won't be any speed restrictions on its mobile plans, so it's same to assume the same is true here. Because what's the point of 5G if you're limiting speed? Looking at you Vodafone.

Same day delivery is available too, for the pricely sum of £20, though Three promises next day delivery is on offer free of charge. Assuming you can wait a day, you might as well go with that option.

You can see if home 5G is available in your area over on Three's website. If you don't live in London you'll be happy to hear that Three has promised 25 locations across the UK will get its 5G services before the end of the year,  and not all of them are in the South East. Better still it's not adding an extra charge for 5G, so anyone who wants it (and has a 5G device) can simply ask to be upgraded whenever they feel like it.