Uber is Doing Boat Trips Now, But Only During This Bank Holiday Weekend

By Shabana Arif on at

This coming weekend is a bank holiday - the last one before Christmas - and to mark the occasion, you can book yourself an Uber boat.

Rather than hopping on for five minutes and jumping ashore at your stop, the Uber boat offers a scenic, 45 minute punting tour along the River Cam in Cambridge for up to eight people.

Uber shared the news on its Twitter account, saying that yours can be booked between August 22 and 24.

The trip will cost a tenner (for the boat as a whole presumably) and the service is being provided by Tyrrell’s Punting Cambridge and Cambridge Punters.

"This year has been all about expanding the many ways you can travel using the Uber app – whether it’s in a car, on the tube or with a JUMP bike," said Uber's head of mobility, Fred Jones. "What better way to finish the summer than punting boats, a classic English pastime, booked through Uber app."

Just open the app this weekend if you're in Cambridge and within a mile of the dock, and select Uber Boat. It'll float up, and you're away. [Metro]