UK Electric Car Sales Rocket in Their Own Little Way

By Gary Cutlack on at

Car sales data for the month of July is predictably all over the place, with sales of diesel-engined models continuing to plummet and recording a 22 per cent year-on-year decline; but pure electric vehicles have exploded, sort of, and recorded a 158 per cent increase over 2018's new owner numbers.

Here comes the caveat about the actual numbery numbers, though, as the 158 per cent increase takes the number of battery-electric vehicles sold up from 880 in July of 2018 to 2,271 in July of 2019. To give that a little bit of perspective, 103,000 petrol-engined cars were sold during the same month, so all those lovely new grey petrol Kias are going to be trundling about emitting emissions for the next 12 years or so at least.

Mike Hawes from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is happy that EVs appear to be heading in the right direction albeit at a speed that suggests they're running on three AAA batteries, and said: "Despite yet another month of decline in the new car market, it's encouraging to see substantial growth in zero emission vehicles. Thanks to manufacturers' investment in these new technologies over many years, these cars are coming to market in greater numbers than ever before." [SMMT via Autocar]