Virgin Mobile Launches a New Family Plan With an Emphasis on Safety

By Shabana Arif on at

Virgin Mobile is launching a new family plan exclusive to Virgin Media customers, as long as that family doesn't exceed five smartphones. In that case, little Timmy can just go without.

Capped at five SIMs, customers will save £2 a month for each additional SIM added after the first, with potential savings of £96 a year if you end up using your limit.

All of the SIMs fall under a single account, with unlimited calls between them because who can ever get enough of talking to their family or long periods of time over the phone?

The parent/main account holder wields the power over the subsequent SIMs' data and device usage, and for 12 months you can increase the reaches of that power with F-Secure. Setting time limits, perusing the apps your kids have installed and slapping on restrictions, blocking content, and finding their devices are examples of the features you too can start using responsibly or abusing, depending on how annoying your familial subjects have been.

"Juggling family life isn’t always easy in today’s digital world and the growing number of devices can make it even more complex," said Annie Brooks, executive director of Virgin Mobile. "Our Family Plan aims to take some of the pressure off parents, making their family’s mobile services simple, affordable and safe.

"Together with our unrivalled ultrafast broadband and fully loaded TV services, our Family Plan gives customers the ultimate line up of fast, flexible and reliable connectivity in home and on the go."

After your free 12-month taster, F-Secure will cost £25 per year. You can find out more on Virgin Mobile's website.