Welsh Council's Anti-Sex Toilet Declared a Mistake

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bizarre plan to take toilet sex off the menu from a holiday in Porthcawl is over, as the town council has said that a scheme to install onerous security measures within a new public toilet building were somehow attached to the planning documentation in error. The toilets will be normal toilets and you will be able to spend longer than usual in a cubicle with a German motorcycle tourist should you arrange to do so via a mobile phone app.

Porthcawl town council explained it was all a mistake, saying: "The town council has never had any intention of installing any floor or other movement sensors, any restricted time entry, there will not be water sprays, or self-opening doors, no weight-sensitive floor and no dousing equipment as described in the statement. Appropriate amendments will be made to the design and access statement as necessary." [Guardian]