YouTube is Making a Series of Educational Videos for Kids in Response to Recent Negative Media Coverage

By Shabana Arif on at

YouTube's head of original content has said that the platform's newly commissioned series of educational videos aimed at kids is in response to criticisms from the media.

"The short answer would be yes," she acknowledged, before adding that the videos are also indicative of popular content on the site. “YouTube users love educational content,” she said.

The videos are being aimed at British audiences and will include a science series hosted by Rick Edwards, a series on philosophy, and further content on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Unable to compete with streaming services like Netflix, YouTube cancelled a number of its original scripted shows back in April. At the time, Daniels said that the platform's goal is to "create amazing programming focused on music, education, YouTube creators and some lighthouse shows." Cobra Kai is one such show, that's been well-received with audiences.

The new approach will see YouTube doubling down on ad placement on popular content, which users can circumvent by ponying up cash for YouTube Premium.

Featured image: Unsplash