2019/20 Potentially Battered by Storms Hugh, Brendan and Ciara

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here, let's have an emergency chat about the weather to take our minds off things. Mmm, bit cold today. Autumn's coming. What happened to the summer, eh? Be Christmas soon! John Lewis must've already filmed its advert. Hey, did you hear the Met Office has revealed the new names of the storms we'll be getting this winter?

Well it has, and what a pleasingly varied selection of names it is too, with boring standards Dennis and Hugh joined by more inclusive names like Atiyah, Gerda, Ciara and Samir.

Some fat old Brexit granddad will not be happy if the massive trampoline he bought for his grandchildren is blown to pieces by storm Atiyah. Bloody foreign weather systems, coming over here with their potentially damaging gusts. [Met Office]