A Jessica Jones Alum is Playing an Amazing Role on an Upcoming Legends of Tomorrow

By Julie Muncy on at

Campy time-travelling versions of historical figures don’t get much better than this.

As announced via TV Line, Terry Chen (Jessica Jones) will be coming onto Legends of Tomorrow to play one of the biggest historical figures of them all – Genghis Khan himself, in a season 5 episode titled “Mortal Khanbat.” And I am so excited.

Why am I so thrilled? Just listen to this premise, as described by TV Line:

The episode – which is titled, yes, “Mortal Khanbat” – presents Khan as a cool-tempered but ruthless Mongolian ruler, who finds himself alone in 1990s Hong Kong. But he adapts quickly and uses his mastery of military strategy to pursue his single greatest ambition: conquering the globe.

Are you for real right now. Genghis Khan is going to become time-displaced, stuck in the ‘90s, and then he’s going to use that as an opportunity to get to work on taking over the world. It’s like Pinky & the Brain meets Doctor Who. What an incredible idea. All the Emmy’s here, please. Even without all of the show’s regulars returning, I’m so, so hype.