AR Artwork Installed in London Park

By Gary Cutlack on at

London-based art collective Frieze has launched what it believes to be the first augmented reality art exhibit for the capital's frowning masses, and has "installed" a series of sculptures in London's Regent's Park for visitors to enjoy through the medium of their smartphone screens.

The art is the work of South Korean artist Koo Jeong A, and shows a series of floating ice slabs hovering magically in place. This probably says something about environmental concerns, like most art has to now. The works have been built in AR by mixed reality art enabler Acute Art, and therefore require the Acute Art App in order to work. But it's free so you might as well if you're on the way to the zoo and have a few minutes spare.

Acute Art's director Daniel Birnbaum said: "I like the fact that we are introducing this object, this entity, into the most conventional and classical of environments – a royal park with statues." [Guardian]