Attenborough Told to Stop Making Nature Look Too Happy

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those few minutes when David Attenborough does a sad face in the vicinity of a plastic bottle at the end of a BBC nature spectacular are not enough to illustrate the threat the planet's wildlife is facing, with researchers accusing the naturalist star and his lovely films of misleading viewers with beautiful images of wildlife appearing to be doing just fine.

Researchers focused on Attenborough's Netflix nature documentary Our Planet, which they say did a good job of interweaving environmental concerns in with the body of the programmes, but the visuals used -- happy creatures in front of pristine lands – didn't represent the threats the poor things face from us humans and the grime we leave everywhere. We need HDR imagery of gulls choking on ring pulls and seals smote in half by the propellers of oceanic industry, that sort of thing. Not just the sodding penguins successfully surviving winter again. [BES via Independent]