Bar Wars: A New Hop - Introducing Stormtrooper Beer

By David Basch on at

The Death Star must be a pretty boring place when there aren't rebels scurrying around providing targets to shoot at (and miss), so some industrious Stormtroopers decided to put their spare time to good use and brew and market their own beer, as you do.

The space craft (actually brewed at St. Peter's brewery in Suffolk) beer is exclusively available through Firebox, the go-to shopping destination for geeky gift givers.

OK, so the angle here is that these Stormtroopers are making their own beer. "Too hipster for lousy cantina ale, the Stormtroopers have banded together to create their very own beer, beautifully designed with their very own faces emblazoned on them (narcissists)," the PR copy reads. It's all very on-brand, but the label artwork really is beautifully done.

The real treasures here, however, are these delightful promo images of Stormtroopers getting down and dirty in the production process:


This particular Stormtrooper is not above getting their hands dirty. Fair play.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Taking 5 minutes to admire their own handy work. Bless.

The Stormtrooper brew comes in two flavours: Galactic Pale Ale, or Lightspeed Pilsner. 8-packs of both varieties are available now through Firebox and will set you back £25 each.