BBC Bins Letting the Public Choose the UK's Eurovision Entry

By Gary Cutlack on at

From 2020 the BBC will no longer host numerous Eurovision build up programmes where we get to choose the UK's entry into the song contest, and is instead outsourcing the picking of a song – and therefore all the blame and retribution – to music industry conglomerate BMG.

BBC Studios said it pitched handling the UK's Eurovision participation to a number of record companies before picking BMG, with the record company give the sole and awesome responsibility for deciding the artist or band that'll be humiliated at intercontinental level during the 65th edition of the contest next year.

BMG is currently home to down-to-earth sensation Lewis Capaldi and the much better preened George Ezra, plus other people we're too old to know about. The company's repertoire boss Alistair Norbury said: "Eurovision plays to our strength as the only fully-integrated publishing company and record label. We can't wait to get started working with the BBC to give it the best possible shot we can." [BBC]