IFA 2019: This Fridge Uses the Power of Light to Keep Your Fruit and Veg Fresh for Longer

By Shabana Arif on at

Keeping produce fresh in the fridge is touch and go depending on where and when you've bought them, and how temperamental your fridge feel is feeling on a given day, but it's about to become a breeze.

Beko, the leading European home appliance brand of Turkish company Arçelik, unveiled its fancy new Harvest Fresh technology at IFA 2019 that claims to be able to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer with the power of a light show in your crisper drawer. The food is exposed to LED lights that cycle between green, blue, and red, and interspersed with periods of darkness, to mimic the 24-hour sun cycle and natural light as much as possible, which preserves the vitamins for much longer than a conventional fridge.

The way the tech works is based on wavelengths. The sun has a pretty big range between 250 and 2,500 nanometers (nm), with the visible range falling a narrow band of 400 nm (blue light) and 700 nm (red light). Toss in a green light, you've got the three main wavelengths absorbed by plants which keeps them humming along by generating energy for their metabolic goings-on, and allows them to preserve and synthesise nutrients.

Photosynthetic active radiation is the name given to the spectrum range that's used in the process of photosynthesis, while the overnight activities that require darkness to stimulate plants' repair mechanisms is called photoperiod. By cycling through the three different wavelegths/colours, as well as allowing for periods of darkness, the produce in your fridge is going to react as if it were still sitting out in a field somewhere enjoying the sunshine, as opposed to having been cut down in its prime for you make a salad with.

The food gets more time to carry on its day-to-day processes, living in The Matrix essentially, and so do you. It lasts longer and retains its vitamin A and C levels for longer, all thanks to a few LEDs, which is pretty nifty. The tech was tested by independent testing laboratory Intertek over seven days, which measured the vitamin C and A levels of tomatoes and green peppers after being exposed to the lights.

As fantastic as that is, the biggest benefit here is squeezing a few extra days' worth of life out of my veggies which I always inevitably forget about, and find them shrivelled up or covered in fridge fuzz.

“At Beko, we believe passionately in creating new products and technologies that meet the wellbeing needs of today’s consumer. We know that they do not always find it easy to eat healthily and are committed to doing all we can to make their lives easier and healthier,” said Zeynep Yalim Uzun, chief marketing officer at Beko.

The Harvest Fresh tech will be available across selected lines from 2020, joining Beko's multitude of existing innovations, that all want to keep you healthy by making sure you're the food you're eating is as packed with nutrients as possible.