All the Best iPhone 11 Deals Available on UK Networks

By Tom Pritchard on at

The phone may not be put for a few weeks, but after Tuesday's launch event we have the next big day on Apple's calendar: iPhone pre-order day. That's right all the new iPhones are available for you to pre-buy from today, even if they're not going to arrive for another week.

Still if you're desperate to upgrade and sort out your next phone, you'll want to know exactly what deals are available. This post is specifically for the iPhone 11, because it's quite a bit different, so if you want the 11 Pro or Pro Max you'll have to head over to this post and check those out.

Unless otherwise stated all plans are 24 months and don't include trade-in offers.


Obviously if you head over to the Apple store you can pick up one of these phones right now, pay off the whole price, and not have to worry about monthly bills. The downside, of course is that the iPhone 11 starts at £729, which is a lot of money to drop in one go. Not as much as the 11 Pro range, bit still.

You can pay it off in installments of £21 a month, but the T&Cs hinge this on trading in an iPhone 8 for at least £200 of trade-in credit and a £20 upfront payment. It's not clear whether you can pay with installments if you don't have another working iPhone to swap.


iPhone 11 on EE

Prices for the 64GB iPhone 11 start at £48 a month with £200 upfront, but since that only comes with 500MB of data. AN extra £2 a month gets you one measly gigabyte, but £54 a month has a much more palatable £4gb of data - and a much lower £100 upfront charge to boot. If you want an iPhone 11 on EE on a budget, that may be your best best.

The 128GB model is the same price for 4GB, but you have to pay £150 upfront instead. The 256GB is £59 a month with £150 upfront. You can still get that one for £48 a month with the 500MB data allowance, but you'll have to cough up £350 at the very beginning instead. Not great.

Since EE offers unlimited data now, you will be happy to hear that the iPhone 11 isn't being left out. The downside is that it will cost £69 a month (with £10 upfront). The upside is there are no speed limits, and you get two swappable benefits to enjoy.

That same plan is also £69 a month for the 128GB option, though you have to pay £60 upfront if you want the swappable benefits included - though an extra £50 is a much better deal. Without the swappable benefits you only pay £10 upfront, though if you want to be stupid you can pay an extra £5 each month (£74) and get everything - unlimited data, two swappable benefits, and the £10 upfront fee.

For the 256GB option it's a minimum of £74 a month for unlimited data. £10 upfront means you get no swappable benefits, while paying £60 gets you two to enjoy for the duration of your contract. As with the 128GB option it's an extra £5 a month to get everything, meaning you pay £79 a month and £10 up front for unlimited data and two swappable benefits.

Perks of EE

The main perk for EE these days are the swappable benefits you can get. They include the likes of BT Sport, Amazon Prime video, better roaming options, and various data passes to stop you using up all your allowances when you're streaming. Naturally being swappable you can change them on a month by month basis, though if you need more you can always pay for an extra perk out of your own pocket.

Many deals that come with those perks rolled in also give you the option of upgrading anytime. There's a two week grace period after you start the contract, but after that you can call up EE whenever you like and swap to a better phone.

EE also stocks the new iPad, the Apple Watch Series 5G with 4G, and supports Apple's eSIM in case you don't like relying on a plastic removable chip.

iPhone 11 on O2

O2 is awkward because you have the option of customising your plan however you see fit, which means you should probably check out the options that suit you best. That said let's take a look at what pre-set plans are currently available. Not that all of O2's plans are 36 months, rather than 24 months.

If you want to go cheap as possible, the 64GB iPhone 11 costs £45 a month with £50 upfront, netting you 5GB of data. Not bad, though if you pay £48 a month you get 15GB of data without paying any more upfront - a much better deal if you ask me.

The 128GB model is £47 a month with £40 upfront for 5GB, though again an extra £3 a month (£50) will get you triple the data. The 256GB model is a bit more, and for £50.09 and £40 upfront you get that base 5GB data option. But another £3 a month (£53.09) means you get triple the data and with the same upfront charge.

Now that O2 has announced it does unlimited data, those options are available for the iPhone 11. The 64GB model will cost you £60.55 a month with £30 upfront, the 128GB model will cost £62.25 with £30 upfront, and the 256GB model is £65.37 a month - again with £30 upfront.

Perks of O2

The main perk of being on O2 is the fact you can choose to customise your plan however you like. Add data, reduce the length of contract, pay more upfront to reduce your monthly cost, and so on. Of course it also comes with Priority Moments, which gives you exclusive deals and lets you buy tickets for certain events ahead of time. It also gets you special treatment at O2-sponsored events, if you know where to look.

Priority got a bit of a revamp recently too, and that means more special perks for O2 members to enjoy.

iPhone 11 on Sky Mobile

Sky being Sky means that the bill for the iPhone 11 is just like the rest of its offerings, splitting up the cost of the phone and the data into more easy-to-understand numbers. Note that all these plans are 36 month contracts, though you can upgrade to another Sky Mobile device after two years

Prices for the three models are £26 a month for 64GB, £28 a month for 128GB, and £31 a month (plus £12 upfront) for the 256GB. The data for all three costs exactly the same, no matter which model you get.

1GB of data is £6 a month, though at the moment you can get 10GB for just an extra £10 - a much better deal if you ask us. At the top end you can only get up to 50GB of data, which will cost you an extra £40 a month.

Perks on Sky Mobile

Plenty of perks to be had on Sky, but the main one is data piggybank that lets you store unused data to be redeemed again at a later date. That's all done automatically and you have three years  before it expires. Sky Mix will also let you change your data allowances once a month, while Sky TV customers will also get Sky Go Extra at no extra cost.

iPhone 11 on Tesco Mobile

At the time of writing Tesco Mobile only has the iPhone 11 up for pre-registration, and not pre-order, but Tesco are lovely and posted some of the prices for us anyway. Not as many spectacular allowances as the other networks, but hey.

These deals come with 5GB of data, 5000 minutes, and 5000 texts, which costs £15 on top of the cost of the phone.

The 64GB model is £22.75 a month, so you have to pay £37.75 a month in total. The 128GB model is £24,25 a month, so you end up paying £39.25 a month overall. The exact length of the contract isn't specified, but based on those prices there's no way it's less than 36 months.

More deals are probably on the way, so I'll keep checking back and will update if they ever appear.

Perks of Tesco Mobile

Not one for flashy gifts, Tesco simply lets you earn Clubcard points by paying your bill each month. You can also double up your Clubcard vouchers to save yourself even more money on your bill.

Tesco also lets you upgrade whenever you like, and change your tariff up or down depending on what you need

iPhone 11 on Three

Your cheapest way to get the iPhone 11 on Three is the 64GB model on the 4GB data plan. That costs £41 a month and has an upfront fee of £49. That said, paying an extra £5 (for a total of £46) with the same upfront charge gets you 12GB of data, which is frankly a much better deal. For the 128GB model, you can get both those for an extra £3 a month (£44 and £49) with the same £49 upfront charge.

If you want unlimited data, you pay the same £49 upfront charge for both models, with an extra £55 a month for the 64GB model and £58 a month for the 128GB model. Three is well known for offering unlimited data quite cheaply, and from the looks of things this is the cheapest one you can get on a 24 month contract.

Perks on Three

Three offers a lot of perks, and beyond being one of the few UK networks to offer unlimited data.   There's Go Binge, which lets you use several different services without using up your data allowance - not that it matters if you have unlimited data anyway. Netflix, Deezer, and Snapchat were all mentioned in the press release I was sent, but they're certainly not the only ones included.

Three is also mentioning Go Roam, which lets you use your regular data allowances in a number of countries outside the EU, but most networks offer services like that. I only mention Go Roam because it's related to Three's partnerships with easyJet, that let passengers get a bunch of extra perks when they're travelling out of the UK. Three also wants you to use the Wuntu discount app, which is like O2's Priority Moments, netting you money off offers and free stuff if you happen to be in the right shop at the right time.

iPhone 11 on Virgin Mobile

It's worth mentioning from the get go that whatever plan you choose from Virgin, it will let you pay an extra £1 a month to get a pair of AirPods. That's not free, but it doesn't seem to differentiate between the 24 and 36 month deals. In other words, a £24/£36 pair of AirPods, which is a deal you can't really pass on. Even if you think AirPods are shit.

The cheapest iPhone 11 64GB deal is £45 a month, which has 1GB of data, 1000 minutes, and unlimited texts. That's with no upfront cost either. However paying £48 a month gets you 1500 minutes and 6GB of data - which is will worth the extra cost.

The 128GB model is slightly more expensive, and for £48 you get the same basic allowances as the 64GB. Up that price to £51 and you get the 6GB of data and extra 500 minutes. Meanwhile the same deals on the 256GB model cost £51 and £54 a month respectively.

Unlimited data is available to existing Virgin TV or broadband customers, complete with unlimited minutes and texts to boot. That plan costs £66, £69, and £72. But if you're not a Virgin customer you can still get on the 100GB plan which is currently discounted. This nets you unlimited minutes, but you're cut down to 5000 texts - not that anyone really uses SMS anymore.

That costs £55, £58, and £62 a month for all three respective models.

iPhone 11 on Vodafone

Your cheapest option on Vodafone is the 1GB plan, which comes with a £99 upfront fee on all three iPhone 11 models. On top of that the 64GB costs £48 a month, the 128GB costs £52 a month, and the 256GB costs £56 a month.

But those are rubbish, because the 5GB plan is better. Not only do you get the extra data, the upfront fee is slashed to £49 and you only have to pay an extra £4 a month. So you end up paying £52, £56, and £60 for each respective model.

But there are unlimited plans available, because that's a thing now. Vodafone being sneaky Vodafone, the unlimited data plans are not all the same. All of these are the maximum speed, because otherwise you end up with either a 2Mbps or 10Mbps speed limit - which is just fucking stupid.

That means you'll be paying £67 a month (with £39 upfront) for the 64GB model, £71 for 128GB, and £75 for the 256GB. Naturally there us an unlimited plan with the Red Entertainment package, which each cost £73, £77, and £81 a month with the same £29 upfront fee.

Perks of Vodafone

Most, if not all of Vodafone's perks are tied up in the deals themselves, but they generally involve the Red Entertainment package that gets you your subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Spotify, or Sky Sports Mobile. Vodafone also offers various levels of global roaming, though how many countries are included are plan dependent.

That said you will be able to upgrade after 12 months without having to pay an extra fee,just in time for the iPhone 11S, or the Pixel 5.

Vodafone also stocks the Apple Watch Series 5, and will likely offer the 4G version as it did with the Series 4.