Britbox Will Definitely Exist for a Short Period of Time Before it's Axed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh yes they really are still pushing ahead with the launch of Britbox in the UK, set to be your dad's first thrilling move into subscription television outside of the Sky universe when it launches later in the year.

Today sees the partnership between ITV and the BBC announce a series of... partnerships with media distributors, confirming that Britbox apps will be made ready for integration with Samsung Tizen TVs, on the Freeview Play smart TV platform, and within boxes offered by terrestrial specialist YouView; all places where you can already, through numerous apps, find more than enough BBC and ITV things to watch.

Owen Jenkinson from Freeview said: "Our viewers love great British TV, so BritBox is a fantastic addition to the Freeview line up, providing extra options to top up on the best of free TV they already enjoy via the nation's biggest TV platform."

So that's the USP of Britbox; a few extra options, but maybe all of Only Fools and Horses will be on there and ITV's wide range of historic Martin Clunes vehicles. [ITV]