BT Offers to Protect You and Your Loved Ones From Drone Attack

By Gary Cutlack on at

A press release from the year 2047 has somehow appeared on the BT web site of today, in which the telecoms network offers businesses assured protection from the threat of drone assault.

The BT "counter drone solution" comes with two main selling points: drone detection and drone elimination. Presumably the detection part is the most likely to be used, as BT's Enterprise division is pitching this as a privacy-enhancing tool that can "detect, track and identify drones" that could be, somehow, compromising the safety and security of businesses. However, BT says its system also has some "countermeasures" on offer should the drone menace be deemed so dire that taking it out is the only sensible option.

Those countermeasures include portable disruptors and fixed signal blockers to bring the machines to a halt, helping the CEO make it from boardroom to armoured executive limousine without harm. It's not that impressive a development by BT's business wing, though, as it's mostly reselling services offered by DroneShield – but with that BT badge of, er, quality. [BT via Techradar]