BT Pushes for 100 Per Cent Full-Fibre and Copper Broadband Network Switch-Off Date

By Gary Cutlack on at

The various super-ISPs of the nation are having secret meetings about formally launching a nationwide* push to introduce 100 per cent coverage for full-fibre broadband in the UK, with the plan potentially coming with a copper network switchover date to make everyone believe they're actually serious.

Sources apparently told Sky News that the year 2027 is being spoken of as one date for the final copper switch-off, with BT leading an initiative that includes major fibre-to-the-area players TalkTalk and CityFibre, and of course the boss of Openreach, perennial national connectivity lynchpin.

The same sources say the government's media department and regulator Ofcom are both involved with the meetings too, with the plan looking to deactivate copper and make everyone full-fibre on a "region-by-region basis" whether they like it or not; plus there would be strong obligations to build fibre connectivity in rural areas simultaneously. The current price tag for all this? About £30bn at time of writing. [Sky News]

*You'll be last.