Burger King Removes 320 Tonnes of Plastic Toys From Kids' Meals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Burger King UK is launching The Meltdown – but no, you don't eat it. It's not cheese that's melting, it's plastic. And you don't eat that, at least not on purpose. The Meltdown campaign is part of a multi-pronged attack on plastic that's seeing the chain bin all plastic toy promotions across the UK network for good, and to celebrate, it's asking customers to bring in their unwanted plastic junk for recycling.

Therefore a load of plastic toy "amnesty bins" are set to appear across BK UK from today, where parents can bin irritating noisy/lighting-up things safe in the knowledge they'll be recycled into the next generation of irritating noisy/lighting-up thing probably with Bluetooth now. And as a reward for recycling, kids get a free King Junior meal alongside dad's whopper.

As for the kids' meals, the chain is joining McDonald's in phasing out the colourful plastic bait used to lure in children, with the boss of BK UK saying it's another response to the ultra-viral petition launched by concerned youngsters earlier this year. Burger King's UK marketing king Fernando Merchado said: "We are a global brand, and the UK market will be leading the way in making this first step towards change, which is part of our wider commitment on reducing plastics. Work is currently underway across all of our markets to look at how we can completely move away from non biodegradable plastic toys by 2023." [Sky News]