Celebrities Join Campaign to Stop Interacting With Internet Trolls

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those odd people with both union flags and stars and stripes images in their internet biographies ought to be ignored, if you haven't worked that out already, with a new celebrity-endorsed campaign saying the best way of dealing with the internet haters is to simply ignore them and let their poorly spelt opinions about immigration and the Imperial measurement system scroll away unresponded to.

Just say "..." is the idea of it, with the very of-today-sounding Center for Countering Digital Hate behind a campaign it's calling Don't Feed the Trolls. Backing the push is London mayor Sadiq Khan, who's suffered from some Triple A international level online trolling from the likes of the President of the United States of America. Khan says: "By ignoring, muting or blocking the trolls, we can deny them the reactions they seek, while government and social media companies must up their game to ensure it is a safe space for people to exchange their ideas."

Imran Ahmed from the CCDH agrees that social sites are guilty of leveraging and distributing the loudest and stupidest opinions in order to drive more eyeballs to their services, and said: "...when public figures engage with abusive trolls to defend their reputation or their values – a normal behavioural response – this inadvertently spreads and legitimates the trolls message and tricks social media algorithms into pushing it into a broader array of users' timelines."

So don't expect Gary Lineker to rise to your crisps jokes for a week or two. [Don't Feed the Trolls via Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash