Cheapest Airbnb in the UK is a One-Person Tent in Someone's Back Garden

By David Basch on at

Would you pay £8 (and a £1 service charge) to stay in a crappy tent on someone's patio?

It may be the roughest Airbnb in the UK, but it's also the cheapest, and offers all the base essentials you'll need for a spot of roughing it in Kent, including a toilet filled with cat litter, a hot water bottle, and some soap. There's even a shower down the road if you've got a spare £2 laying around after dropping £8 (or £9 with the service charge, I suppose) on the tent.

To be fair, the one guest brave enough to stay there so far seems to have had a genuinely nice time in their shoddy kitty-litter-equipped, one person tent, saying: "This is a special kind of tent, it is a comfortable bed, I really liked it. I swam in the sea in the morning with two lifeguards all to myself in high winds. There's a pool up the road if you need showers".

The description for the property reads: "Sleep al fresco in the privacy of a backyard," which is a posh way of letting you know you'll be sleeping in a bargain tent someone's thrown up in their garden to earn a few extra pennies.

You will be relieved to know that the toilet does in fact have its own separate tent. A toilet-tent, if you will, so you don't even have to sleep in the same place you poo and wee. Just right next to it.

"Toilet will be lined with black bag and have cat litter inside allowing for easy clean up of number ones and twos. Leave used, tied up bin bags against property back door for me to dispose of. " the listing reads. So poo disposal is included. This is actually sounding more and more like a good deal.

Don't worry, it's pine-scented.

It is right next to the beach, too, so that's something. You can book a stay through the Airbnb listing if you're feeling brave. [Mirror]