Deliveroo is Keeping Gamers Fed at Arena Clash Next Week With an Emergency Burrito Button

By Shabana Arif on at

Deliveroo is bringing free burritos to Arena Clash next week which you can summon with the great big emergency burrito button.

In an effort to get in on the eSports action, Deliveroo is installing an emergency burrito button at the Belong Gaming Arena in Bristol, Merchant Street, on Monday which is when the Arena Clash Tournament launches. If you're at the arena on September 23, you can mash the button to get yourself a free burrito - with both meat and vegetarian options available.

Unfortunately, it's not going to magically materialise in front of you. It sounds like there's going to be a dedicated area where you'll be able to pick up your grub courtesy of the participating partner restaurants. The burrito will be delivered "in-store," so we assume that doesn't mean you have to pop out and head down to the nearest takeaway to pick it up. Because that would defeat the entire object.

"With the ever increasing popularity of Esports, Belong and Deliveroo want to make sure that the gaming community is nurtured and cared for, and that the Belong Gaming Arenas are places where friends and community can spend quality time together enjoying the games they love - without skipping important meals!," reads the press release. I think Deliveroo is playing it a bit fast and loose with the implication that scarfing down a burrito is going to be nurturing anyone, but it's free and tasty (you'd hope) so go nuts.

Deliveroo hasn't outlined any caveats regarding how many times you can indulge in such free sustenance, but you can find out for yourself between 6pm and 9pm on Monday at the Bristol Belong Arena.