An Old Deliveroo Ad Has Been Pulled for Suggesting It Delivers Anywhere - Even to the Depths of Space

By Shabana Arif on at

Despite the massively over-the-top and surreal scenarios played out in the advert, a bunch of absolute nincompoops took it upon themselves to complain about it, labelling it as misleading.

In case you have haven't seen the the six-month-old ad that was part of Deliveroo's 'Food Freedom' campaign, it shows the company's intrepid fleet of cyclists being dispatched to a number of places, including a high speed car chase, a prison break, and the vacuum of space, with the tagline "order what you want; where you want; when you want." This apparently confused some people who - despite the brand covering its arse and pointing out the obvious with the addition of the text "some restrictions apply, obviously…" - submitted complaints, on the basis that the ad didn't deliver to their area, and so it was horse shit.

All 22 of them. God forbid people take creative liberties with something and not have it taken literally. How these people exist in a world full of metaphors, idioms, and anything that's not literal, is a mystery. Either way, thanks to these vigilant heroes, the ad is being pulled, with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ruling that it was "likely to mislead" by suggesting that its delivery service “was unrestricted throughout the UK.”

According to Eater London the ad had been cleared by regulatory specialists because Deliveroo knows how dumb people are, but the ASA isn't having it.

"We considered the very clearly fantastical nature of the settings – for example, in space and a car chase – was likely to lead viewers to interpret the qualification to mean that the restrictions applied to places where it would be ridiculous to expect to be able to access the service, rather than that there were certain areas of the country that were excluded," it said.

"Because we considered the ad suggested delivery was unrestricted throughout the UK when that was not the case, we concluded that it was likely to mislead."

Deliveroo isn't too bothered as the campaign has almost run its course, and has responded with a delightfully snarky statement.

"We know some people will be disappointed to hear that Deliveroo can’t yet deliver to outer space and is still to reach some parts of the U.K. We are, however, excited to be expanding rapidly across the UK and reaching more customers than ever before.”

A spokesman added, "Deliveroo designed a playful advert to show that, through our service, people are able to order food to a wide range of places, whether home or work, for a range of occasions. We know some will be disappointed that their local area isn't currently served by Deliveroo, but we are expanding rapidly across the UK." [BBC News]