You Can Now Get a myFirst Drone for Kids Because This is the World We Live in Now

By Shabana Arif on at

If letting your kids loose with your expensive drone is something you're not quite down with, have you considered the terrible idea of getting them their own? Because Oaxis has, and now it's become a reality.

Say hello to myFirst Drone, part of a myFirst range aimed at getting kids outside and playing with tech. Does it sound like an ad taken from RoboCop or some other dystopian future where kids are casually flying drones about? Yes, yes it does. But it comes in a very non-threatening blue and pink, and doesn't include a remote so the mischief your little buggers could potentially cause is somewhat mitigated.

You can charge up the drone via USB and it'll be ready to fly in 40 minutes, at which point you just lob it skyward to get it flying, which definitely isn't going to go horribly wrong when they get excited and start chucking it about like a volleyball. Just look at the kid's face in the feature image. He looks like he's pissing his pants he's so excited, and before you know it, someone's going to get a face full of drone as he tosses it around with gay abandon.

In what I assume is an effort to exert some measure of damage control, myFirst Drone doesn't have a remote control; you fly it "using only hands" which also sounds like a recipe for disaster. Presumably you steer it along with your hands, which can quickly turn into whipping it around with a swift slap. Oaxis seems pretty confident it's going to avoid any funny business with the utilisation of two sensors that allow the drone to change direction and course if it senses an obstacle. As an added safety measure, the propellers are tucked safely away thanks to the enclosed design.

The altitude hover is what allows it to stay airborne once its been yeeted into the stratosphere, and can apparently maintain a height of under three metres for around seven minutes using the 300mAh battery. When it runs out of juice, it'll slowly descend, ensuring no crashes occur.

The drone is retailing for £34.99 at Argos, Maplin, and Amazon, and is enjoying a joint debut alongside Oaxis' myFirst Camera 2 which will set you back £59.99.

If you get one for your kids, godspeed, and let us know how it pans out for you.