Editor's Pick: The Best Gizmodo UK Posts From This Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's the end of the week, and the end of the month, so let's see about trying something new, shall we? There are a lot of perks of having a site that runs with a blogroll format, because it makes it a lot easier for everyone to find the content they might have missed earlier in the day/week. But there are some downsides too, since most people click on stuff that's visible on the homepage and don't really venture into the archives.

That's a shame because it means if something doesn't get much traction after it's published it can die an untimely death. And that's especially bad when some genuinely great stuff gets lost in the maelstrom of digital publishing. So I'm actually going to get off my arse and do some work, and list off all the best content we had in the previous week. All the stuff that is genuinely interesting and worth reading, not just trying to squeeze some extra clicks out of stuff that has been doing well. Here's all the stuff we published this week, that I happen to really like.

MPs Have Been Getting a Shit-Tonne More Sweary on Twitter

Whatever your politics, it's fair to say that political discussion has become a bit of a minefield in recent years - especially when the 'B' word is mentioned. And it kind of shows in how the politicians have been swearing more on Twitter. Though the real question is whether they're just dropping the illusion of politeness or if it's just become more socially acceptable to casually swear that way.

Image: Wang He (Getty Images)

Cats Really Do Bond With Their Humans, Study Finds

Who would have thought that cats aren't just apathetic killing machines that tolerate the presence of the people in their lives? Maybe they're not as good as showing affection as constantly as dogs, but it's nice to know they actually like the people who own them.

Ad Astra Is One of the Best Space Movies in Years

There are a lot of good films about space, and also a lot of really bad ones. But it's good to see that we still get a few gems now and again.

What Ad Astra Gets Wrong About Space Travel, Astronomy, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

It may be one of the best space movies in years, but it still falls into the standard sci-fi trap of not being 100% scientifically accurate. Clearly what looks good on screen isn't always in line with real-world physics.

Image: Aqua Mechanical/Flickr

The Ridiculous and Sometimes Deadly History of Farting in England

Farting isn't something some people feel should be discussed, but there's still a lot of history surrounding it. Heck some people have died thanks to farting, and plenty of famous types had their fair share of bum-gas obsessions.

All the New Echo and Alexa Devices Coming to the UK

A lot of the new Echo devices aren't coming to the UK (not anytime soon anyway), but some of them are. If you're big on adding Amazon's voice devices to your smart home ecosystem there may well be a few things you'll want to add to your Christmas list.

Image: Drew Angerer / Getty

Amazon's Favourite New Word is 'Privacy,' But Does It Even Know the Meaning?

Privacy has become a bit of a buzzword amongst tech companies in recent months, mainly because we realised how they've been systematically stripping aware our privacy behind closed doors. Amazon may have been talking up privacy this week, but it's not innocent of getting us to this stage either.

The New Apple Watch Is The Best One Yet – Thanks to a Major OS Upgrade

Well you'd fucking hope it's better than the last one, though the question remains whether it's better than competitors smartwatches. Also whether smartwatches are actually worth buying at all.

Duck Gifs Are the Only Gifs With Integrity

Duck yes.