A Giant Pair of Lungs Has Been Erected in London to Highlight the Issue of Air Pollution

By Shabana Arif on at

In a bid to make the issue of air pollution in London more visible, E.ON has installed a 16-foot high pair of lungs in London ahead of the Global Climate Strike week and the city's car free day.

"Despite it being invisible, toxic air is the UK’s number one environmental hazard and public health priority. It demands national strategy and work to raise awareness," said University of Plymouths' Professor of Geoscience, Iain Stewart. "Dirty air remains out of sight and out of mind, and whilst exposure in the UK has reduced over the last half century thanks to cleaner energy technologies, improved vehicle regulation and clean air zones in our cities, we’re only learning now just how dangerous toxic air can be.

"No level is a ‘safe’ level and the main pollutants are above legal or World Health Organization (WHO) limits in most urban areas. Electricity backed by renewable sources, like that from E.ON, have a real role to play in making a positive impact on the air we all breathe and is the start of things to come."

According to an E.ON poll, almost 90 per cent of respondents said they were confused about air pollution and would do more to combat it, if they knew how. 63 per cent admitted to now knowing enough about it and said they didn't give it much thought because it's invisible, essentially.

The lungs aim to make the issue of air pollution very visible, and fill up with coloured smoke representing the three major pollutants we're all sucking down on the regular, including Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and PM 2.5.

Chief executive of E.ON UK, Michael Lewis, said he welcomes "the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy," as well as the 2050 net zero target, but stresses that these are "only starting points and much more action will need to be taken if we are to have a future where everyone has the right to unpolluted air.”

So if you fancy looking at the grim reality of what you're breathing everyday, swing by the giant lungs for a quick gander.