Everything Happening at IFA 2019

By Gizmodo UK on at

This year's IFA has hit Berlin, and with it has brought brought loads of lovely, shiny new tech. Being one of the biggest tech shows out there — there's well over 1,500 exhibitors — there's a lot of new stuff being announced.

Whether it's a new phone or some kind of home appliance to make your life 0.3 per cent easier, it'll be at IFA. And we've waded through all the chaff to bring you the best bits right here, without ever having to leave your chair. Hooray for us!

You'll find all our IFA 2019 news rounded up below, and we'll continue to update this as new stories roll in. Enjoy!

IFA 2019: TCL's Foldable Phone Concept Looks a Lot Better Now

In the months since the company's concepts first appeared at MWC, a lot has changed.

IFA 2019: Lenovo’s Mirage AR Headset Has A New Marvel Game, and Some New Universal Controllers

Shoot some baddies instead of slicing them with your lightsaber.

IFA 2019: Roku TVs are Coming to the UK, and the First Ones Are Made by Hisense

Sometime before Christmas, apparently.

IFA 2019: You Can Always Count on Fossil to Bring a Million Smartwatches to a Party

Fossil – and its horde of designer brand partners – brought four totally new watches and some familiar friends to Berlin.

The Foldable Mate X Could Arrive as Early as Next Month, Says Huawei's Richard Yu

Which would be really quite something.

Netgear's Next Orbi Mesh System Will Support WiFi 6

And it's getting a relevant price tag to go with it

Samsung to Cancel All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders Ahead of New Launch

Will be giving out £200 store credit to affected customers to say sorry.

Huawei's Other Big IFA Reveal is Airpod Clones

They even have the airbud-style earpiece. Again.

TCL Has No Interest in Rushing its Foldable Phones

And the latest version closes all the way. No gap.

Picture, If You Will, the Person Who Buys This £11,400 Gamer Chair

Remember Acer's ridiculous Predator Thronos gaming chair? Get ready for its successor: the Predator Thronos Air.

 Jabra's Great Truly Wireless Earbuds Just Got Better

The new Elite 75t look like a slimmed-down version of Jabra's excellent 65t earbuds, which can only be a good thing.

The Moto One Zoom Goes Bold on Style and Big on Cameras

At last, Motorola has a phone you can call distinctive.

TCL's New Soundbar Uses Acoustic Tricks to Bring You Cheap Dolby Atmos

The Ray-Danz soundbar is designed to blast sound all around your living room thanks to some slick curves and Dolby Atmos technology.

Netatmo Just Launched a 'Smart Alarm System' With Three Different Parts

One of those parts is already available.

Can You Spot the Upgrades on the New Samsung Galaxy Fold?

One of the apparently major design upgrades is staring you right in the face. Do you see it?

Nokia Has New Wireless Earbuds and a Dirt-Cheap Feature Phone

Everything's coming up Nokia today.

Despite a Reputation for Indestructible Phones, Nokia's Only Just Announced its First Rugged Phone

And it's... rugged.

Nokia Also Has New Versions of the 7.2 and 6.2 Smartphones Coming Soon

Catering to the masses also means new smartphones.

Nokia is Ressurecting the Flip Phone With a New Accessibility-Focused 2720

It's a classic flip phone though, not one of these fancy foldable screens.

TCL's New Flagship, the Plex, Has Bluetooth Audio Sharing, Insists it's Better Than Apple's

It connects to four devices made by anyone, not just two sets of Apple earbuds.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Arrives in the UK on 18th September

No word on the 4G model, though.

Sony's Xperia 5 is Here, and it Seems Long Thin Phones are Here to Stay

21:9 is the new 18:5:9, apparently. According to Sony.

After Years of Ugly Watches, Garmin's Got Some Fresh Styles

It finally feels like Garmin may have figured out the balance between fashion and function.

Philips Gave Into the Hipsters and Made Hue Filament Smart Lights

And a lot of other new stuff.

Asus Rises From Smartwatch Grave With New VivoWatch SP

This chic health-oriented wearable boasts “medical grade” ECG and PPG sensors, and 14-day battery life – but that extra long battery life comes at a price.

Amazon is Also Bringing the Fire TV Cube and a Fire TV-Powered Soundbar to the UK

But they're not cheap.

Amazon's Fire TV Edition 4K TVs Are Coming to the UK, and You Can Buy Them at Currys

About bloody time.

The New Magic Number for Gaming Laptops Is 300Hz

If that sounds ridiculous, it sort of is.

The Light Phone 2 Wants to Save You From the Internet

It’s a spare, standalone handset that rethinks how smart a smartphone actually needs to be.

Asus Packed a £4,000 Nvidia GPU Into a Laptop

We don't know how much the thing will cost yet, but we can safely assume it'll be a LOT.

The Energizer Phones Are Back Baby

Sadly it's not the epic chonky phone we saw at MWC earlier this year.

Here's a Cheaper Alternative to the Kindle Oasis

It's not from Amazon, but it's a lot cheaper.

Bang & Olufsen's First Soundbar is a Feast For the Eyes

But it costs a pretty penny.

Roku's New Soundbar is Also a Roku

Roku is charging further into the home audio zone with a new soundbar that also works as a Roku set-top box.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Finally Arrive on Friday

In Korea. We may have to wait until the end of the month.

Acer Just Dropped Four New Chromebooks

Day one of IFA has kicked off in Berlin and new laptops are already falling from the proverbial heavens.

Razer's Tiny, Powerful Laptop Finally Gets Real Graphics

Beyond the new GPU and the update to the CPU, these new Blade Stealths are mostly unchanged from their predecessors.

This New Logitech Mouse Has a Magnetic Wheel That Feels Like Magic

With the new MX Master 3, Logitech has propelled its flagship mouse into a class of its own.

IFA 2019: What to Expect From the Huge European Technology Show This Week

The big announcements to look out for from this year's IFA, based on rumours, pre-announcements, and a little educated guesswork.

SteelSeries Finally Made the Wireless Headset Switch Fans Have Been Waiting For

The Arctis 1 Wireless looks like a good solution for anyone looking to embrace cord-free audio, especially on the Switch.

HyperX's Cloud Orbit S Headset Delivers Next Level Gaming Audio

After going back to standard stereo cans, I’ll never be truly satisfied now that I know what I’m missing.

Sharp Teases the World's Largest 8K LCD TV That It's Bringing to IFA Next Week

120-inches of 8K goodness right in your eye hole.

TCL is Debuting Foldable Phones and a New Wearable Technology This Week at IFA

The new wearable tech boasts a "100-inch cinematic viewing experience."