Exclusive: MCM London Attendees Get to Buy a Con-Exclusive Marvel Legends Grey Hulk Figure

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of reasons to attend a comic convention, whether that's cosplay, talks, signings, or what have you. Grouping all the geeks and nerds into one place also makes it quite appealing for retailers - especially those who have convention-exclusive gear on offer.

It may not be as glamorous as San Diego Comic Con, but MCM London has exclusive in the form of Hasbro's new Marvel Legends Grey Hulk.

For those that don't know, Marvel Legends is the range of fancy marvel figures that are a bit more than mere toys that you play with, but nowhere near as nice as the super-expensive Hot Toys style figures that are for display only.

And this one, as you can see from the pictures, it's the grey version of the Hulk inspired by the one that first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 before the printing process required the Hulk to be a more consistent colour - with Marvel eventually settling on green. It's not the other Grey Hulk. I think.

The figure is going to cost £34, and is set to be exclusive to various retailers at the MCM  London convention later this month. If there are any left at the end of the three day geekfest, they may then go onto other conventions and the HasbroPulse website on 4th November. But that's not guaranteed.

Ryan Ting, Senior Manager Global Brand Development and Marketing for Marvel at Hasbro said:

“The Marvel Legends development team at Hasbro are passionate fans of Marvel movies, comics and toys. The 2019 Marvel Legends Series 80th Anniversary Exclusive Grey Hulk on an oversize retro-inspired blister card is an homage to the ToyBiz Marvel Super Heros toyline from the early 1990’s.  It is also a nod to the Hulk’s first appearance in 1962.  In the Incredible Hulk #1, he was actually depicted as grey instead of green.”

MCM London kicks off on Friday 25th October and lasts until Sunday 27th. Tickets are on sale here.