App Promises to Remember to Cancel Your Free Trials

By Gary Cutlack on at

A young app-maker is attempting to disrupt the modern subscription-based world by offering to automatically cancel free trials when they hit the end of the promotional period, making signing up for stuff less of a nightmarish memory challenge.

The app's called Free Trial Surfing, and uses the extremely clever method of issuing users with a false name and a virtual credit card number registered to the app developer. This is then used to sign up to and manage the account – redirecting email addresses are available if required too – creating a layer of joyous irresponsibility between the trialist and the business in question. You enjoy the thing for a month or three months or 90 days or whatever, then it dies automatically before a proper billing regime kicks in.

The app's already in use in the US, where service providers have not taken particularly kindly to it and are suspected of trying to block the credit cards used by service. App maker Josh Browder says his banking services partner is fully onboard and is up for the inevitable game of card number whack-a-mole that's going to take place. A UK version to allow the worry-free trial of your £7.99-a-month dream application launches this week. [BBC via Techradar]